Government's Half-Witted Beaurocratic Laws in the US

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Todays big government is a

typical display of bureaucracy in its

most creative state. Due to the

enormous bureaucracy within

todays state governments, many

laws have been passed through

legislation that really didn't need to

be passed. These laws are a display

of the way government likes to show

power over the people using legal

suppression. Governments have

created laws governing almost

anything that the people do as an act

of blatant suppression, even if the

laws my never be able to be


In reviewing many law books,

many laws were found that did not

seem to do anything but annoy the

general populous. These laws and

ordinances are used by the

government to show power without

having to be confronted by any

particular person who might have

been affected, because these legal

suppressors will most likely not be

enforced by the local law-

enforcement agencies.

In Alabama it is legal to drive

a motor vehicle while you are

blindfold. Most of the people in our

nation most likely would not decide

to drive with a blindfold on. Yet, the

Alabama state government needs to

have power so it passed the 'no

driving while blindfold' law.

Alabama is not the only state with

laws that seem useless. In California

community leaders passed an

ordinance that makes it illegal for

anyone to try to stop a child from

playfully jumping over puddles of

water. The fine for such a crime is

fifty dollars and up to ten days in

jail. Once again a government

decided it didn't have enough power

and thought that it might as well

impose a new law to show its

'immense' power over the people.

In Connecticut you can be

stopped be the police for bike riding

over sixty-five miles an hour. You

can also be...