What Goes Around Comes Around.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

In the United States of America, some children are born into criminal activities like drug dealing, pimping, or hustling. These children walk a path that will eventually lead to their death, land them in prison, or make them rich. Despite attempts by so-called positive figures to educate and change the mindset of these misguided individuals, the influence of the criminal survival lifestyle is still more powerful. The concept here being: if you have never known any other way to live then why would you seek to change it?

This individual may change, but it is rare that they are able escape his or her past. This narrative deals with two men who live opposite lifestyles that meet, become unlikely friends, but whose friendship suffers a loss because of past mistakes.

Due to lack of parental guidance from his prostitute mother, George Patterson became a problem at young age.

In elementary school George threw temper tantrums when he didn't get his way. He learned that he could use violence to solve his problems. George was the bully in school; he used to demand lunch money from the other and take their belongings at will. He felt as if he could have anything he wanted. School authorities suspended him on several occasions for volatile behavior. George has never known his father and his mother Linda died when he was in high school, a victim of gang related violence. George developed a pattern of behavior that made him an ideal candidate for the notorious Devil's Advocate Syndicate. It wasn't long before George became a killer and drug dealer. He was so good at what he did the gang members made him their leader at the age of 23. He was called " The Baby Face Gangster." G...