"God Exists".

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Arguments FOR "God Exists"

The beginnings of the Universe cannot be explained under the scientific physical laws that currently govern the Universe. To come up with a valid model for how the Universe came into being, scientists must delve into theoretical concepts and hypotheses that cannot be proven. Even if such far-fetched suggestions are to be believed, there are a very narrow set of physical rules under which life-supporting systems could possible come into being.

If there was just a little less, or a little more, energy or mass in the Universe, there would be no chance of it developing the systems necessary for supporting life. The scientific theory for the creation of humanity, evolution, is seriously flawed. Even those who still support the concept admit that the person who originated it, Charles Darwin, was wrong in his original paper, "The Evolution Of Species:" Humans are not evolved from monkeys.

There is no archaeological evidence for a smooth flow of the evolution of species' on the planet. There are so-called "missing links" all throughout the fossil record, where creatures suddenly jump from one type to another without any stages in between. For evolution to even be considered as a viable possibility, it must be possible for life to spontaneously come into existence. Science cannot reproduce the origin of life in a lab, despite saying they know the exact conditions at the time. Even those who support the idea of the spontaneous creation of life in these conditions say that it is a very, very remote probability of life suddenly occurring under these conditions.

To put the final nail in the coffin of the scientific theories of the creation and evolution of life, there are even scientific theories that state that complicated things will break down and become less...