The gift of the magic, a continuation

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It was one week from Della's 30th birthday and Jim didn't have enough money to buy her a present.

"Well," Jim thought, "if I don't have a watch then why should I have a chain for one?" So, he sold his watch

chain in order to have money for Della's present. "Now, what do I buy Della?" he asked himself. "I think I'll go

to the flea market and look for something, because one little rusty old chain won't buy me very much," Jim stated

as he started riding his bicycle to the market. At the market Jim found many things, some very pretty and

expensive, some very pretty and cheap, and some just plain ugly things that had been there awhile and always

would be until they were finally thrown away. "Omigosh, is that DDDDeeDDDe...?" Jim stuttered in

astonishment. Was what he had seen real? Or was he just jumping to conclusions? Was that really the hair that

Della had sold just 2 years ago? It was, and Jim thought that Della would maybe like it back, so he bought it for 2

cents and he was so happy and he thought he had the best present anyone could ever give their girlfriend.


Jim thought, "will this be a useful gift, and I don't mean in a few years, this time I want to get it right," So Jim

thought for two days straight. Finally he came up with an idea, "I'll make it into a wig, a girl can never have to

many wigs." So he went to the wig shop, which usually only made those white braided wigs that all the important

men wore, but the wigmaker made an exception because Jim was a good friend and after all, it was for a girls

birthday. The...