"george orwell and shooting an elephant" talks about the imperalism that george has in this short story.

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To Be or Not TO Be

George Orwell hated all Burmans and the British Empire. He imperializes them into his stories and makes the British and Burmans look like fools. He describes killing the elephant and it betrays him killing the British Empire by saying "He seemed to tower upward like a huge rock toppling, his trunk reaching skyward like a tree"(Orwell/741). He describes the elephant falling down for the last time with his tusks up high like the British Empire and the collapsing and Orwell loves every minute of it. He was a coward not to stand up to the British himself instead of killing an elephant. The Burmans did not like him for example "I was hated by a large number of people". (Orwell, 737) He meant the Burmans hating him and he killed an elephant so he wouldn't be laughed at by the Burmans. He stooped down to their level.

He had no right to kill that animal to make others approve of him even though he hated the Burmans as well. Although it was betrayed that the elephant was the killer. Orwell was the man that did the killing.

Orwell killed the elephant because he thought if he did this unlawful deed the Burmans would not laugh at him and call him names. People of George's kind "European" did not like getting laughed at. "Every white man's life in the east was one long struggle not to be laughed at", (Orwell, 740). Orwell used his gun to kill the British Empire and Burmans, but he killed an elephant that killed a coolie because the elephant went into "must", which the elephant had no control over his doing, but Orwell did. Orwell was being very hypocritical when he was killing the elephant. He disliked the Burmans...