"The Garden of the Gods" in Illinois.

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Joe Moyers

Eng. 1101


The Place

A cool October breeze, sweeps across the rock face and stirs up the leaves that have fallen to the ground from the brightly colored trees in which mother nature has painted herself. Everybody has their own "special place" that they like to run to, when they just want to get away. Some people find relaxation at the beach or in the mountains. Some may like to run away to the lake or maybe some prefer a tree covered get away. When life gets to be too much and I just want to take a break from everything then I pack up and take off to the cliffs at the Garden of the Gods.

It was a crisp October day and my biology class was preparing to take off for a day climbing rocks and studying wildlife, the destination, the Garden of the Gods. The class piles into the bus, excited about what adventures might be ahead of them. We pull out of the school by 7:00 am on that Tuesday morning. The only talk during the trip to the garden was either of excitement and anticipation or of nervousness of ones fear of heights. I was enthusiastic about getting a chance to experience something that I had never done before. But all in all every student was ready to conquer the day set before them.

By the end of the hour long drive most students were ready to get out and stretch their legs. As those doors opened on that bus, it was as if I had opened a gate to an adventure that I had not yet seized. I stepped out of the bus and stepped into view of the most beautiful sight my eyes had ever seen. As I...