G.C.S.E literature coursework 20th century drama 'Kes' the play by Barry Hines and Allan Stronach.

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G.C.S.E literature coursework 20th century drama 'Kes' the play by Barry Hines and Allan Stronach

To John

Congratulations, you have been selected to play the role of Jud in the college production of 'Kes'.

The play (Kes) is about a fifth teen year old boy called Billy Casper, its about his struggle and troublesome life and his love for a Kestrel. The main characters are Billy, who is a small, skinny fifth teen year old boy. Jud who is Billy's older half brother, he is big and he bullies Billy and their Mum. Their Mum doesn't really care about either of them and doesn't think Billy's school work is important, in act one : scene four, Mrs Casper wants Billy to go to the shop to buy her some cigarettes even though it would make him late for school. Billy's mum doesn't care about what Billy has to say, this is shown is act one : scene eight when Mrs Casper asks Billy a question and when Billy tries to go into detail about it she just stops listening to him and starts to talk about something else, and then in the final scene, when Jud kills Billy's Falcon, Billy rushes to his Mum for comfort, but his Mum just pushes him away and is embarrassed by Billy doing this, she then clearly shows that she is not bothered that Jud has killed Billy's Falcon, Kes.

As you can see Billy proberly has one of the worst Mums in the world.

At school Billy has more trouble. He encounters Mr Gryce the strict head teacher, and Mr Sugden, the bullying PE teacher. He also meets a kind English teacher, called Mr Farthing, who takes interest in Billy and his bird.

The play is set in South Yorkshire in the...