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There are about three million automobile-related injuries a year, 2 million permanent injuries, and 40,000 deaths in the United States each year according to The Department of Transportation's 2002 statistics. 30% of these accidents are due to the failure of individuals to obey speed restrictions. Numerous attempts have been made through various avenues to dissuade drivers from speeding. However, the predicament still persists. An innovative system of speed control must be instituted. In 25 years this technique will be established. The new mechanism will be called "Safety Mobile."

Safety Mobile will be assembled into the dashboard next to the speedometer. There will fbe a small, florescent yellow colored readout that will indicate the speed limit in a two digit format. There will be no external wiring or devices that will interfere with the driver to distract him or her in any way.

It will be the duty of the local governments to install specially mandated microchips inside each speed limit sign in their jurisdiction.

These microchips located in the signs will be called "speed watchers." State roads and highways will be under the control of the state government. It will be their responsibility to ensure that all speed limit postings will receive this chip. There will also be complementary microchips installed in all automobiles manufactured in the United States, or those imported into the United States. The name of these microchips will be "speed stoppers." Virtually every car driven in the United States will be inspected to confirm the vehicle contains the proper equipment.

Every speed limit sign will be modified to have the necessary safety mobile equipment installed. Also, every automobile, whether it is a car, truck, sport utility vehicle, or even a van, all will be required to obtain the essential paraphernalia. This will revolutionize the...