The Future Of The Internet.

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Are you tired of watching T.V.? Why not find something to do on-line? If you prefer you can wait for the future. Today's society wants new forms of entertainment. The quest for entertainment began long ago with common games the radio, then the TV, then the computer, then BBS boards, now the internet, and eventually this trend will lead to an On-Line Virtual Reality World.

To prove that the computer industries communications facilities are evolving, I found an argument from a person, A.K.A Skipper 'The truth of the matter is that the BBS industry is on its last rung on the ladder. Now we see G'comm marketing Worldgroup as a plug in to Netscape. Everyone knows that BBS's are old technology. Especially when G'comm uses Visual Basic as a client and DOS as a platform. There are numerous sysops who have transformed into web only systems that dominate. I know of applications that are still in development that make any little BBS program worthless.

The problem is that most sysops are pimply faced cyber whackers and they are too busy looking for the latest amateur snatch shots instead of searching for new technology.' (Skipper)

The internet was invented in 1983, but it had a slow start until the introduction of a graphical browser. This is because people wanted to see something along with the information that they viewed. At first the internet was primarily an entertainment piece, but soon after companies began to utilize the World Wide Web to promote business and advertise.

Many problems appear with the World Wide Web.

such as lengthy downloads, users don't always know of a documents sizes. Over acssesed sites are another common problem, the same document may be transferred many times between a server and a client site. This puts a great...