"Fugitives" A simple short story in script format.

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This is a simple story in script format due to the fact that it needed to be translated into Spanish for an oral project containing only two people.


Sydney >> Hi, Alexandra, where've you been?

Alex >> I felt like trying out a movie theater here.

Sydney >> Well...I had another run - in with the law while you were gone. They nearly caught me.

Alex >> That's not my fault.

Sydney >> You are the one who arranged the stealing of the diamonds in the U.S.

Alex >>We're in Honduras. How was I supposed to know they'd still come after us?

Sydney >> Because this is the FBI.

Alex >> Well, I say that we get to Carlos's Palace.

Sydney >> I say we don't, they know that Carlos was connected...They just can't prove it. I say we keep heading South.

Alex >> We're still going to stop by Mr.

Donkere Zanghavik right?

Sydney >> I guess so. He's your problem after all. You know you could just keep his share of the Diamonds.

Alex >> I could, but the question is, do I want to? No. I don't. Mr. Zanghavik scares me.

Sydney >> Can we go now, I'm a little nervous. We need to get some disguises soon.


The two of them arrive at Zanghavik's villa. They walk up to the door, nervous, not sure of what to expect.

Alex >> Are you going to ring the door bell or not?

Sydney >> Me! Me? He's your problem, not mine, I'd just like to keep my share of the diamonds safe.


Alex >> (Rings the doorbell, looks around trying to look calm, Sydney looks around nervously, no one answers the door.)

Sydney >> Let's just leave the diamonds here and leave.

Alex >> We...