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Today's understanding of human nature have been revolutionozed by Sigmund Freud, a man who spend the major part of his life developing and modifying theories on human life. Freud passed almost his entire life in Vienna, elaborating about human psychology and neurology. Basically, his approach to human nature can be divided into five main topics which I will explore in the following essay.

The first assumption that he made is called Materialism. This thought consist in different states of the nervous system. Mental states would be different from physiological states but only by the way of expressing it. Following Freud, these two states were not completely different such as Body and Mind. States of consciousness and unconsciousness were not too far one from the other but his point was to draw a line between mind and real life. He was convinced that under unconscious and conscious states, mind and body was the same.

The second point that Sigmund Freud made is the simple application of Determinism principle. Basically, it tells that every event at the mental level is caused by something hidden or ignored. In his opinion, these events, acts or words all reveal something which would otherwise remain ignored. Accidents or hazard are not real, all can be explained by a previous fact in the mind of the person. Freud also argue that even when we make choices and think that we are 100 %

Free of our decision, there are always ignored causes that determine our choices. The main point of Freud about this principle is that all these causes are unknow; people are not aware of those . This is the reason why they think that their mind is perfectly free and that their acts and words are not triggered by anything. In my opinion, I...