Extended definition of death and the benifits to society that are not commonly discussed.

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A New Beginning

There are several words that are percepted in many different ways. Death is certainly one of those words. To most people, death is the single most disturbing event that can happen in human society. When a person dies

many awful emotions are invoked in their family, friends and sometimes even strangers. The fact that death can occur at any time and in thousands of ways makes it completely unpredictable. One moment a person could be gnawing on a block of cheese and all of a sudden their heart quits beating.In short, death is a tragic circumstance. This negative image is how most people percieve death. However, death it not always so bad, and as strange as it may seem death is also good. Death only symbolizes the end of life.

Although life is very cherished, noone knows what it's true meaning is. What more is life than a temporary amount of time without death? When someone is born it is known that they will one day die.

What is a tragic loss

to some could be a personal improvement to others. When someone dies for a cause they believe in those that share their beliefs gain by having a role model for their own future actions. In short, death is a new beginning. There

are three areas to illustrate the positive image of death: personal gains, society gains, and martyrdom.

The first area used to illustrate the positive image of death as a new beginning is personal gains. All popular religions believe in some form of life after death. Most believe in heaven, or some form of eternal happiness

and well-being. For example, when a Protestant dies, they are judged by their God and sent to heaven or hell depending on their actions in life. Under...