This is about an experience I had in the ICU.

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The I.C.U. (intensive care unit); one of the most nerve wrecking places you could ever encounter. The constant beeping, buzzing, and pumping sound monitoring precious live. The sounds of respirators pumping oxygen for the incapable. The constant flickering lights monitoring everything from blood pressure to heart rate. Just a total nerve wrecking, heart pounding, angina inducing environment. When one enters the I.C.U. one should be prepared for anything. What's beyond those hinged doors is truly a experience wanted to be forgotten, but forever remembered..

I've been to the I.C.U. once in my life, and it was quite possibly one of the most traumatic if not the most traumatic experience I've ever had. You walk through the doors and the walls are pale white, not off white, but a ghost white. Infact, everything is pale, ad colorless. Everything except for the red, green, and yellow bright lights on the machines.

The atmosphere is quiet, yet immensely tensed and pressured. It's completely lifeless. No colors except for the blue scrubs the surgeons wear, and no human noise, just buzzing and beeping.

Nurses are constantly on the move, answering to countless alerting beeps and worried relatives calls for help. Doctors are quiet and constantly conversing and consulting with other doctors and nurses. Patients are lifeless, bed ridden, and unable to speak in most cases due to the thick blue tinted tube implanted into their necks. They are hooked up to a birds nest of wires and winding tubes climb up their nostrils.

It's incredibly tense and in all winds up with the most feared of all the noises, the long continuous beep ( Flat line). It's the one thing no one wants to hear, the loss of life. The noise is totally unavoidable, it's so loud and so distinct...