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The microprocessor has changed a lot over the years, says (Michael W.

Davidson, Microprocessor

technology is progressing so rapidly that even experts in the field are

having trouble keeping up with current advances. As more competition

develops in this $150 billion a year business, power and speed of the

microprocessor is expanding at an almost explosive rate. The changes

have been most evident over the last decade. The microprocessor has

changed the way computers work by making them faster. The

microprocessor is often called the brain of the C.P.U.(or the central

processing unit)and without the microprocessor the computer is more or

less useless. Motorola and Intel have invented most of the

microprocessors over the last decade. Over the years their has been a

constant battle over cutting edge technology. In the 80's Motorola won

the battle, but now in the 90's it looks as Intel has won the war.

The microprocessor 68000 is the original microprocessor(Encarta 95).


was invented by Motorola in the early 80's. The 68000 also had two very

distinct qualities like 24-bit physical addressing and a 16-bit data

bus. The original Apple Macintosh ,released in 1984, had the 8-MHz

found at the core of it. It was also found in the Macintosh Plus, the

original Macintosh SE, the Apple Laser-Writer IISC, and the Hewlett-

Packard's LaserJet printer family. The 68000 was very efficient for its

time for example it could address 16 megabytes of memory, that is 16

more times the memory than the Intel 8088 which was found in the IBM PC

. Also the 68000 has a linear addressing architecture which was better

than the 8088's segmented memory architecture because it made making

large applications more straightforward.

The 68020 was invented by Motorola in the mid-80's(Encarta 95). The

68020 is about two times as...