This essay is about the struggles people are willing to go through to enjoy a life of freedom, equality and stability.

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People are willing to go through an immense amount of struggles to enjoy a life of freedom, equality and stability. So far in this class, we have learned about many different people and the struggles that they have went through to ensure this freedom and stability. Women and immigrants, for instance, have went through many trials and tribulations to try to get this life of freedom, equality and stability.

The main role of colonial women in the old days was to "work over a hot fire baking bread or boiling meat." Women back then were not allowed to vote, preach, or own their own property. They were to basically stay at home and watch the kids and cook and clean. Women overcame these struggles by creating women right's movements. Women's rights movements were primarily concerned with making the political, social, and economic status of women equal to that of men and with establishing legislative safeguards against discrimination on the basis of sex.

Women became abolitionists. Abolitionist women were able to speak out about anti-slavery. Some women were not able to participate in anti-slavery conventions because of their sex. This only made them more determined to speak out about the problems of women's right's.

In the United States, the first definitive position on women's rights that intermixed with antislavery issues was taken in 1848 under the leadership of Elizabeth Cady Stanton at the Women's Rights Convention at Seneca Falls, New York. In 1850, the National Women's Rights Convention was held. It was led by Lucy Stone, an early activist. Both groups came together in the formation of the Women's National Loyal League, under Susan B. Anthony. Women finally gained their right to vote all over the United States under the 19th Amendment in 1920. Though it took forever, women over...