This is an essay on the NRA (National Rifleman Assoctiation) it gives an overciew of Charlton Heston and what is in his website with my own personal opinions towards it.

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The amount of violence in the United States is absolutely preposterous. Wanting to learn a little bit more on what causes are behind such behavior we decided to do a little research. "Gun control advocates said an average of 265 people a day were shot in 1997 in the United States." (http://www. With that I came across the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association). One of the largest gun associations in the United States. The association is about promoting firearms, hunting safety, as well as other shooting sports and to educate the general public about firearms. What some do not know is that it also encourages children to be a little "too" aware of the firearms with the support of Charlton Heston the N.R.A president. By teaching the children at an early age of how to "handle" and "play" with guns no wonder there is the amount of violence that there is in schools today.

The way a child is nurtured and brought up reflects on how the child is when he or she is older according to famous psychologist Sigmund Freud.

Looking at various N.R.A websites I came across this one of The National Rifle Association Kooky Kids Korner. This was a very disturbing website. It was a website based around children and the N.R.A. Not only does this website show the "winners" of the month for best pictures (a child in the picture holding a gun of some sort) but best drawing pictures as well. These pictures included drawings of children shooting at other children and it was one of the winners. Below is the interview given with one of the winners for the month of April 2003.

"Name: Kimmy Johnson

Location: Tulsa, OK

Age: 5 1/2

Fav. Color: Yellow

Fav. Teletubby: Lah-Lah

Weapon: Remmington...