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Abortion is one of the most controversial things discussed in the world today. For centuries many women in our society have been troubled by the trauma of an unwanted pregnancy, which may have occurred for a number of reasons and they may therefore seek to have an abortion. However, these reasons have been opposed by differing authorities based on religious and moral grounds or in the defense of human life. But, due to the landmark case of Roe vs Wade the option of choice was given to women, who were seeking to have an abortion. Therefore abortion should be a choice, without a woman's right of choice to do what she chooses with her own body means her democratic right of freedom has been taken away from her.

Anti-abortionist proclaim that they are pro-lifer's, advocating that the feotus is a living being and therefore has a right to live, while the face value of the argument may in the beginning seem convincing, it is lacking in scientific support.

It is stated that an abortion is the expulsion of products of conception before the embryo or the feotus is viable. A feotus is little more than an individual egg or sperm ... while there is certainly potential for life, life has not yet developed...thoughts cannot occur, pain cannot be felt as was stated by Philosopher Mary Anne Muller. Hence can we truly say a feotus is a human-being? Pro-lifers seem to be placing so much emphasis on the preservation of the feotus that they seem not to be taking into account the mother's right to choose or somehow have forgotten all about them or they simply ignore her existence.

Additionally, pro-lifers validate they disagreement about abortion, by describing it as murder. Murder means the intention to deliberately and unjustifiably kill another...