An essay directed mainly towards what romanticism is, history of, and examples of it.

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Romanticism is a movement in art, literature and music of the early 1800's. Romanticism exalted the sublime beauty of nature, the artist's emotional, personal and imaginative faculties and individual genius and subjects that were sublime exotic, transcendental and mysterious. (Schlenoff 51) Ludwig Van Beethoven, John Keats and Theodore Gericault were three artists in this era that represent the common romanticism idea of emotion. Beethoven's ninth symphony and his piano sonata in F minor show his unique style at that time and also the transition from classicism to romanticism with a great sense of emotion that critics today are still talking about. John Keats' poems "To Hope" and "To" were, much like Beethoven's pieces, ahead of their time. Keats created poems that were new to the time and who demonstrated much needed emotion in the era. Theodore Gericault was an artist in the romantic era that showed his romanticism through dark emotions much like his pieces, "Severed Heads" and "Raft of the Medusa".

These also demonstrated subjects that before were never seen. Why these artists created pieces that are highly romantic, can still be examined, but why are their pieces are romantic and full of emotion can be dissected and examined. Beethoven is an artist that is still being closely examined today, and perhaps will always be.

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German composer beginning in about the early 1800's, which is remarkably close to the Romantic period with roughly began in about 1820. Beethoven is known as a revolutionary composer bridging the musical gap between classicism and romanticism. Much of his music can be considered both classic and romantic. Beethoven is a good example of romanticisms emotional aspect because much of the musical pieces he did were based directly on emotion. Beethoven once wrote, "I live entirely in my...