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Ed Anger is the author of "My America," a column in Weekly World News, and in these articles he discusses matters relevant around the world. In one such article pertaining to India and Pakistan, Mr. Anger argues that the two nations should not go to war. Although his intentions are pure, he provides only one reason that he believes both Indians and Pakistanis are a similar people and they are not. Moreover, he fails to support his argument and it seems he is trying to convert the reader by expressing his own opinions on the topic instead of actual statistics. His article attempts to throw off the reader by the usage of slang, off-topic examples, and remarks that ruin his credibility.

The words Mr. Anger uses in his articles can be effective, however, they are often crude and unnecessary. He lets the reader know how he feels by using slang, and he uses it all the time.

It is beginning to be his trademark, sometimes the words being substituted are funny, and this may cause the reader to see the article in a different way. The matter being discussed is serious, and with the usage of such words as "pig-biting" or "blow each other to Kingdom Come" readers may take the issue between India and Pakistan light-heartedly when there is nothing soft about violence and death. He does accomplish expressing his feelings, but his feelings do not reflect why India and Pakistan should not bomb each other.

Another way Ed Anger tries to throw you off is by bringing up stereotypes that is unrelated to the topic at hand. For instance, Mr. Anger states in this article that an Indian intern of Weekly World News was over at his house mowing his lawn when his wife says

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