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China: A Look at the Way They Control Population

China, a country located in Eastern Asia has controls on population growth that are increasingly unreal. In July of 2003, the population was estimated to be 1,286,975,468, and climbing. The population of China can be broken up into three age groups: from 0-14 years: 23.1% (male 155,473,656; female 141,737,406) from 15-64 years: 69.5% (male 461,223,219; female 433,154,970)

from 65 years and over: 7.4% (male 44,954,643; female 50,431,574). -CIA World Factbook. The way China is addressing its huge explosion of population growth, by only allowing two children per family, at least one hopefully male, is morally and ethically wrong.

"The government was forcing women and sometimes men--to undergo sterilization when they had had the maximum number of children the government thought they should have. The usual method was intense persuasion; using all of the economic, social, and psychological tools a totalitarian state has at its disposal.

When these methods failed, the woman could be taken by force to a government birth control clinic for the abortion or sterilization." ---Hearing before the Committee on International Relations. The problem that China, and consequently the rest of the world is having, is that China is forcibly killing children and sterilizing men and women to keep their population at carrying capacity. This affects the rest of the world because if they weren't doing this, the population of China would spin out of control, there would be a great famine in China, and the whole world's population would dip because there would be a big number of deaths from famine. The Chinese Government is doing this to its own people, and it is to keep the country from going over its carrying capacity, even though some already believe it has reached carrying capacity.

The Chinese...