This essay is about Charles Dickens's 'A Tale Of Two cities.' It describes the subject of rebirth through the chraracter of Lucie Manette.

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Resurrection Through Lucie Manette

The theme of rebirth is common in Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities. Many characters are re-born or resurrected as they grow emotionally. They find meaning in their lives and become better people through love. The love that makes this rebirth possible comes through the character of Lucie Manette. Lucie Manette, the female heroine of this book, is the source of the resurrections of Dr. Manette, Mr. Lorry, Charles Darnay, and Sydney Carton.

Lucie Manette is a compassionate and benevolent young lady who, at the beginning of the book, is only seventeen. Though her age would suggest the girl to still be a child, it is revealed that her wisdom goes far beyond her years. Lucie could be seen as an old soul who is wise enough to be able to find the good in everyone. Or Lucie could be seen as naïve and unsuspecting.

We are unsure of this when Lucie is first introduced in her meeting with Mr. Lorry, as she seems to be over taken by emotion and fear. Yet Mr. Lorry takes note of her mature nature through the way she contains herself as he describes the perils of her father. "You speak collectedly, and you ? are collected. That's good!" (Tale of Two Cities, 33). Lucie Manette, after being reunited with her father, devotes her life to restoring is mental and physical health. She finds a purpose and satisfaction in their mutual bond of unconditional love for one another. Lucie is reborn through her new relationship with her father, and through this relationship the window to Lucie's future is opened.

Just as Lucie Manette is given life through her father, her father is also reborn through her. After eighteen long years in the Bastille he is rescued...