This Essay was assigned for my honors class and has to explain the stories irriversible decision and their consequences.

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A View From the Bridge is about the dramatic life of a family in Brooklyn. Arthur Miller at first makes life seem simple and easy in their little home. Eddie is the compassionate uncle who cares for his niece and his wife Beatrice. Like anyone that lives together Eddie and Catherine have their small fights and disagreements but, usually work things out together. For instance Eddie says " I don't want to be a pest but I'm tellin' you you're walkin' wavy." Catherine claims she's not walking wavy and tells him not to worry about it. Eddie warns "you're gettin' to be a big girl now, you gotta keep yourself more, you can't be so friendly, kid." Eddie's worried about the looks she's been getting from the boys. Catherine is nearly 18 and she is grown up, even for Eddie it's hard to realize it.

Eddie and Beatrice invite Beatrice's cousins from abroad into their home.

Rodolpho and Marco came from Italy hoping to find work. The pair find work fast and make friends with the other workers. When Rodolpho becomes interested in the city and in Catherine, Eddie becomes worried and protective. Since Eddie has been like a father to her he thinks that Rodolpho should have asked for permission to taker her out. When Catherine first tells Eddie that she is going to marry Rodolpho Eddie tries to convince her that Rodolpho does not respect her and that he just wants to become a citizen. Eddie goes to his lawyer Alfieri to see if there is a law to make Rodolpho stop dating Catherine. He is told that the only way to get rid of Rodolpho is to report him to the Immigration Bureau. Eddie replies " Oh, Jesus, no, I wouldn't do nothin' about that" but, he...