This Essay is about Alcohol use as a christian for and against.

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Before researching this topic I was convinced that moderate social drinking was ok for Christians; however, through the course of my research for this paper, I have changed my conclusion. This change of heart was based primarily upon the writings in the Bible and also upon the evidence given in several other books and online. This change came even though I unwillingly gave up alcohol when I came to Lee.

While social drinking may be acceptable for the world, I have come to the realization that we as Christians must hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are to be in the world not of the world. I have found that The Church of God's official statement on the use of drugs and alcohol states that "Therefore, a Christian must totally abstain from all alcoholic beverages". If everyone were able to keep their social drinking under control I believe that this would be a non-issue but since 1 in 9 people that drink "socially" are alcoholics we have to realize that social drinking is a problem in and of itself.

(Paton, 15)

It is important to define social drinking for the purpose of this paper. Social drinking is according to the American Council on Alcoholism "Social drinking is not based on - nor defined by - a certain number of drinks. While lacking an exact definition, social drinking usually takes place with two or more participants, is satisfying to the drinker and participants, and does not impede the drinker's health, interpersonal relations, or economic functioning." According to the person that I interviewed social drinking is defined as drinking with others without exceeding your own limits. (Angela Delosier) The main thing with social drinking is that even one drink impairs you to some extent and while you are impaired you...