Equal Treating.

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Thesis Statement: Although, everyone should be treated equal in any circumstance whether they are rich or poor. One should not get away with things because of having a well known name, money and know the right person. Yet, people are treated unfairly and many different areas, from the smallest to the largest crimes. The judicial system is not as they say innocent until proven guilty, nor are they treating everyone equally.

I. The O.J Simpson case is a perfect example of how celebrities are given more tolerance,

and leniency.

A Returning from a trip he was notified of the murders and when informed of his being

a suspect he leaves and for hours on a busy intersection leads police on a chase.

B. The chase interrupts hours of television programs and was being watched


1. Ninety- five million viewers daily

2. Number one topic of the world

II. Days on end of showing the trial and taking polls of guilty or innocent.

A. DNA banding patterns

B. Nationwide polls casting votes of whether people feel he is guilty or not.

C. Trial Scenes

1. Cochran trying on cap

2. Simpson trying on gloves

3.Angry Ito

III. O.J. trying to make people feel sympathy for him.

IV. Our Justice system was made a mockery of during this trial.

Viewing this trial goes to show that being famous has its advantages when involved in a criminal matter. Simpson was able to portray his expressions, bring up racial issues and distract the jury with other approaches by his attorneys. Our Judicial system was being watched closely everyday by millions of viewers. People were once again convinced it is all in who you know, and if you are famous. Every person in the world should have the same kind of treatment...