Entertainment in Milwaukee and its Effect on Urban Areas

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Summerfest. German Fest. The Great Circus Parade. Not

just these, but, Neil Diamond, Aretha Franklin, Pearl Jam

and many others. These are just a few of the exciting

entertainment events that one can enjoy in the great city of

Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a city that is known for its great

festivals and its variety of entertainment spectacles.

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. Its

population is 628,088 and has a population density of 6,543

persons per square mile. In 1995 the population growth of

the was 1.3%. Milwaukee covers an area of 96 square miles.

Milwaukee began as a Native American trading post in 1674,

and settlement began as early as 1835. The city was

incorporated in 1848 and has been growing ever since.

Economically, there are nearly 275,000 people employed in

Milwaukee, with an unemployment rate of 6.2% and a per

capita income of $21,797 (1995 World Almanac).

Milwaukee is predominately dominated by the ethnics of

Germany. Milwaukee is currently the largest German

dominated city in the United States. This settlement by

German immigrants has led to great prosperity for the city

of Milwaukee as shown by the boom in the beer industry.

Pabst, Schlitz, Miller all are directly related to the

influx of Germans into this area we call Milwaukee. The

beer industry has built Milwaukee into a well-known city.

The contributions the German immigrants made to this city

have led to great events in the recent past and that will

continue forever. One event, that just happened in May, was

the visit by German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Kohl's visit to

Milwaukee embraced the entire city. Chancellor Kohl and

President Clinton met in Milwaukee and the German people

celebrated as they do at German Fest.

German Fest is a festival to recognize people of...