The ecsasty problem and how the U.S.

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Ecstasy seems to be a drug that is on an unstoppable roll these days. With the attention that it has been given it seems that the media is almost advertising the drug. The government and DEA are trying desperately to control ecstasy and stop usage of what they call a very dangerous drug. I have never tried ecstasy myself nor heard any first-hand stories, so all I have to run on is what the media and government tells me about MDMA. These facts make me a little weary to jump to conclusions about the drug, but with the deaths, damage, and startling increase in the drug it is clear that something has to be done to control the production, trafficking, and abuse of the drug that is known as ecstasy.

Ecstasy's reason for being illegal is its dangerousness. As with any illegal drug-excluding marijuana- there are risks involved in its consumption.

Within 15 minutes of consumption, users feel the effects of the drug, which can last from two to eight hours. Psychological risks included in the drugs use are confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug cravings, severe anxiety, and paranoia. Also, from my own personal vault of things I never want to see again ecstasy causes a huge reduction in decision making and inhibition, mostly when it comes to being touched. The physical effects of MDMA are also very dangerous. It causes massive dehydration and teeth-clenching, as well as nausea, increased blood pressure and heart rate, muscle tension, blurred vision, rapid eye movement, and fainting. The long term effects of ecstasy are even more serious than the risks involved in the high. Prolonged use damages parts of the brain that are responsible for memory and thought.

There is obviously a need to stop ecstasy's use, and in my opinion that...