The dues to a changed man.

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Throughout his life Javert has lived by the law. Not thinking that people could change he was soon to realize that he himself was changed.

Javert grew up with a prostitute as a mother and a father as a thief, and he saw all this and he realized that he didn't want to become any thing like them. He hated this so much because when he said "My mother was a prostitute, my father was a criminal, and I wanted people to see them for who they were" (movie). By saying this he realized that he wanted never to become like his parents and he wanted to devote his life to the law and what was right. What he didn't realize was the fact about how his parents did this so their family could be happy; all he saw was how much of a disgrace they were. He only saw things in black and white and that's what caused him to have problems later on.

When Jean Valjean first came in contact with he hated him because he thought that Jean was just a no good thief. He treated him like scum and didn't even recognize him as a human being. Javert shows this when Jean asks him if he could talk to him quietly and Javert replies "What is it to me, I will not listen" (102). We find out now this ongoing feud with Valjean and Javert. This quote plainly tells how Javert will just not listen to anything that Valjean has to say.

When Valjean committed his act of kindness towards Javert, Javert started to think why he would do such a nice thing to a man who has been trying to get him imprisoned and killed. So he took a long long time to...