Drugs- The Effect of Hallucinogens.

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Drugs- The Effect of Hallucinogens

1.Effects a user could experience during a "trip" are listed below:

·Hallucinations, which often result in terrifying images

·Intensified sensations, such as brighter colors or louder sounds

·A distorted sense of space and time, user may feel they're floating outside their body.

·Synethesia, senses get "cross-wired" user's think they can see sounds or smell colors.

·User's often experience terror and panic from a "bad trip" resulting in paranoia.

2. Neurotransmitters are naturally produced chemicals. They carry messages between different nerve cells in the brain. Specific parts of nerve cells, called receptors, respond to specific neurotransmitters. Hallucinogens stimulate particular receptors in brain cells and interfere with other receptors, causing abnormal brain activity. Drugs selectively bind to only one group of these receptors triggering hallucinations.

3.Ongoing risks or using hallucinogens can become very serious. Hallucinogens don't just mess with the mind they have physical side affects as well.

Most hallucinogens increase heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to sleeplessness and tremors. User's can develop a tolerance to the drugs over time. Causing them to need more and more of the drugs to get the same effects as before. Higher doses greatly increase the risk of a "bad trip" and troubling flashbacks. This distorted reality can cause users to hurt themselves or commit suicide to escape them. Tolerance to the drugs increases the likelihood of an overdose. Overdoses can result in convulsions, coma, and heart and lung failure. To make it worse those who abuse hallucinogens often abuse other drugs to adding to the danger of addiction.