"The Dream of Rood".

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The Dream of the Rood

This poem was used in order to passively persuade the reader into believing the message within the poem: -God and all that is heavenly exists through obeying Christianity and the church. This narration was conspired with writing techniques, used to indirectly pass along the message mentioned above. Descriptive, metaphorical and personification techniques are some of the tools used to confirm the passages of the Bible. The bible and the "unidentified author"(a brilliant writer within the church) are from which this poem advocates power in its authenticity to be the truth. The author starts off to tell the story of a dream that wasn't just a dream; it was the "best of dreams". (Paragraph one) His "vision" or dream was that of a great tree, which later takes control of the poem by speaking, telling the story of Christ, and offering another point of view for the reader to suckle from.

After the deity concludes preaching of how God's son was resurrected upon him, the unidentified author who began then finishes the poem. This dramatist concludes that by the evidence of his vision and with a sort of self-satisfaction because of his vision, that God is real and he will be "saved" through his faith, thus brought up to heaven and so on.

The first literary tool identifying the motives the rhetoric in this rhetoric was the beautiful descriptive beliefs inscribed in the poem, all which sounded very biblical. The tree was said by the author to be covered with gold and gems. "Five of these gems were above about the cross piece." (Paragraph one) Here, the author exploits human beliefs through description: if they are of that which is good and true, with a sense of moral value and meaning, they are often accompanied...