What is to be done about Obesity?

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It is estimated that 7% of the world's population is obese (Acumedic, 2003). The definition of obesity as an eating disorder is greatly disputed across culture and throughout biology. Obesity is when the intake of food in the form of calories exceeds the energy expended (Acumedic, 2003). Some argue that obesity is a result of genetics, however research has proven that too many people are obese for this to be true (Pinel, 2002). Obesity can be examined in both a sociological and biological sense. There are many things to be done about obesity; however, many answers reside in how people live their everyday lives.

Sociological trends in today's busy lifestyles have dramatically increased the amount of fat in the human diet. Eating meals in has become somewhat a concept of the past. Obtaining food to eat is made easy by fast food chains and their inexpense. Additionally, the expenditure of energy has also significantly decreased in the past 20 years or so.

Today we ride the bus, train or our cars instead of walking; we use the elevator instead of climbing stairs. The body's positive energy balance is greatly being subjected to societal changes. Psychological factors also aid in the imbalance of fat and energy expenditure. Food is sometimes used to "numb" or counteract emotional pain and stress (Anred, 2003). Loneliness and depression lead to eating even when the body does not need food. Additionally, comfort foods- those that are high in sugar, fat and calories have been found to calm stress within the body; however, hormones that are produced when under stress have been linked to the encouraged growth of fat cells (Anred, 2003). Other various relationships have been found between eathing and obesity, especially among children. Families whom offer comfort in the form of food will...