Dispute Resolution.

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"Boulder (1962) defines conflict as, " a situation of competition in which the parties are aware of the incompatibility of potential future positions in which each party wishes to occupy a position which is incompatible with the wishes of the other" (Capozzoli, 1999). Presently, I have been having conflict within myself. This conflict has affected my quality of work and my work attitude. In particular, I have always had difficulty in quitting jobs where I was extremely happy. I am an employee at University of California, Los Angeles Occupational and Environmental Medicine and unhappy at my place of employment. I have a wonderful group of co-workers but an ungrateful greedy supervisor. The difficulty of my position has started to take an emotional and physical toll on me. I first started working at UCLA as an administrative assistant. I was responsible for answering the telephone, calendaring meetings and greeting visitors.

As time progressed, co-workers resigned, my responsibilities increased, and my pay dwindled. I've been expected to stay late hours for an office that does not appreciate the extra effort. I have lost time with my daughter and my fiancé. I have had numerous panic and stress attacks. Presently, I have been struggling with the concept of resigning at my place of employment without suffering undue consequences. I am consumed with overwhelming responsibilities without an acceptable increase in salary and simply frustrated with my work environment and my unappreciative supervisor.

Considering all the desired outcomes of my resignation, I have not yet decided since I have a family to support. I am currently attending graduate school at University of Phoenix for my Masters of Business Administration degree. After finishing my degree, a letter of recommendation from my supervisor would weigh heavily for future positions in lucrative companies. Therefore, it is...