Determining a Well-Rounded Film.

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It takes a lot of work to make a well-rounded film. Some movies have too much drama, or too little conflict, etc. When there's a film that captures the right amount of everything, there's no competing. The Green Mile is a good example of a well-rounded film. It has sad and happy moments, a good conflict, enough romance and some phenomenal things happen.

The Green Mile is about the death row section of a prison, also known as, "E" block. Tom Hanks plays the boss of E block. Part of being a prison officer on death row consists of being somewhat of a counselor to the inmates. Not all the officers under Tom Hanks like this method. Most of the officers like to keep the inmates calm and under control, but one officer, Percy Wetmore, likes to annoy the heck out of them. The movie has a wide variety of incidents that makes it spectacular.

A good movie has to be both sad and funny at moments. For example, after getting to know the inmates waiting to be electrocuted, it's hard to see them die. They obviously were placed on death row for a reason, but they were really good people on the inside. To even out this feeling, the director would add a funny line in there to get you to laugh. Such as, when they practice the electrocution process, with a janitor pretending to be the inmate. As the fake inmate says his, "last words" he adds, "and I'd like May West to sit on my face cuz I'm one horny m*th*r f*ck*r." Every single guard started busting up laughing. It was so hilarious, at a serious moment in the film the director could manage to get a huge laugh out of everyone watching. So the movie...