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On October 17, Kevin's face was framed with thick hair. The blazing

red curls were blinding. The shade looked like cheap lipstick against the

pallid, wrinkled sheets of the hospital. The color of Kevin's skin was smooth

and dark brown, resembling mahogany wood. The sound of waves crashing

against the beach could be heard when looking into those crystal blue eyes.

Those big bright eyes were enchanting and inspiring. This baby had a luscious

powdery smell that was relaxing. The atmosphere possessed by Kevin was

one of beauty and new life.

Now Kevin is older and many of those adolescent features have

changed. The once fiery red hair is now thinning and turning gray. The color

of the sky right before a storm. More hair now seems to forming a

mustache. Now the once dark colored baby, is elderly and fragile. A leathery

wrinkled old man has now taken Kevin's place.

Like a piece of glass, unable to

move quickly or handle carelessly. Kevin's broad floppy ears have lost their

hearing. The lovely refreshing eyes have lost their effect and are now

covered with thick glasses. This old man's house now smells like that of a

nursing home filled with medicine. Instead of exemplifying new life, Kevin

portrays beauty in aging.