Defining Success. Rfers to Michael Korda's book

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Defining Success

From reading ' Defining Success ' by Michael Korda, I agree and also disagree with

Michael on his way of defining success. The first indicator of success comes when one is

making more than one is spending. There are few things that he has left out on how

to becoming a success. The things are if you are from a rich family, how well you are

educated and who you know.

Of course, if you aim at a dream that is so far beyond your reach then you would bound

to fail. I agree with this but it also depends on a person. If that person has a low income

then their dreams should not be so far of their reach. But, if that person's dream is so far

then sometimes it could inspire them to go for it. If they only have a small dream then it

could lead to laziness and they wouldn't want to stress out because of a small outcome on

success. Another thing is that if that person is from a rich family then their dreams is

most likely beyond their reach. This is because they have capitol and capitol can almost

buy dreams. Why have a small dream.

Education also plays an important role in success. Not unless they got lucky on

becoming a movie star or on a cover of a magazine because they were noticed or spotted

by some important person. Without education then you wouldn't have any ideas where to

start on how to become successful. Also, you wouldn't have any confidence because you

would be afraid and wouldn't know how to face obstacles that might be in the way of

your dream. Education would at least give you ideas on where to start and how to

prosper. Education makes you a more excellent person. It helps you to socialize better

with other people. It takes more than just a common sense.

Last thing is that the person you know could make you become successful. It's like

connection. If you know an important person such as a movie director, actor, actress or

even managers, this person could help in a big way. An important person will know

another important person if they can't help. If you become successful by these people

then you got the easy way out. It is actually the best way because you got the most


No matter how big your dream is you can still reach it even though it is beyond your

reach. You'll only make it if you are determine and participate in your dreams. Everyone

who follows and participate in their dream and really wants to succeed bad enough will

succeed. If someone didn't succeed, they must not have been determine enough, or they

didn't want to succeed bad enough. If they didn't succeed and they say that they worked

really hard and really wanted to succeed, they are being dishonest because everyone who

follows their dream and really wants to bad enough will succeed. Once you reach your

dream then go a little higher.