The declaration of independance and its importance in american history.

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The declaration of independence is a very important document in America's history. It proclaims the separation of the 13 colonies settled in America from the mother country Britain. It played a major role in the American Revolution.

Over 150 years of America living under British rule, Britain decided to put tax on certain items. It started with the sugar act then progressed with the stamp act, which both angered the colonies and developed the phrase 'No taxation without representation'. Next the British put in the townshed acts, which led to the violence of the Boston massacre and the Boston tea party. Most of the taxes were taken away, however in 1774 Britain responded with 'the coercive acts', later renamed by the Americans. 'The intolerable acts'. The Americans realized that Britain wouldn't give up and something had to be done, even if it resulted in war!

To try and resolve these problems representatives from 12 of the 13 colonies got together in Philadelphia and formed 'The Continental Congress'.

They agreed to stop all trading with Britain and inform them that only their assemblies could tax them. However, Britain ignored their requests.

By the time The 2nd Continental Congress met armed conflict had already begun in the battles of Lexington and Concord. Many documents had been written which declared reasons why America should split including 'Pains common sense', which stated that it was common sense to split up with Britain. These articles made a major influence on the congress. They decided to elect a committee of 5 men to write a document, which states that America is free and independent.

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston made up this committee. However, the task fell to Jefferson, as he was the strongest writer whilst the other four...