Death of A Salesman - in depth analytical essay.

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The Loman's are entrapped in an illusionary environment, filled with deception and deceit. The stage directions call the house "a dream rising out of reality" and this reflects the central theme of Willy's longing to fulfill himself in a world where material wealth is the only acceptable goal in society. A sense of this environment is accentuated through the nostalgic music of the flute which is sporadically played through moments of mobile concurrency. The music is symbolic of the illusionary environment which surrounds them.

Willy Loman worked hard for all his life as a salesman, but he never had the temperament or skills to be one. He chose to live a live based on the American Dream, thinking that anyone could derive material wealth from hard work. He adopted a whole new façade to his character to maintain this notion of success. This was accomplished by concealing the antiquated, fruitless and defeated side of him, creating an environment where "we've never told the truth for ten minutes in this house."

The decision to base his life on achieving the dream is based upon his morals and personality. His family environment is a key factor attributing to Willy's strong feelings of the American Dream. Linda is described as; "You're my foundation and my support, Linda." She is well aware of the greed that is consuming her husband, but a part of her still is attracted to Willy's hopes of glory and success.

When Willy comes home after work, he speaks to his sons as if he is a Dave Singleman; "I see great things for you kids, I think your troubles are over. But remember start big and you'll end big." By doing this, he taught his sons, "be liked and you will never want." Willy believes this is...