Dangers On Cellular Phones

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Cellular Phones: Convenient or Dangerous? Did you ever think of the dangers of cellular phones before wanting to purchase one? Probably not enough. Most people think of cellular phones as a perfect gadget that is to your convenience. Yes, they do help you to communicate better and is very helpful, but weren't cell phones originally used for emergencies and urgent messages.

The population of wireless communications has grown greatly. Whether driving, walking, or just hanging out there is always someone on a cellular phone. People buy cell phones for so called "conveniences."� When do these "conveniences"� become too "convenient."� The cellular revolution has taken over the lives of many and has proven to be fatal in many ways because of too much use. The problem could be fixed if cell phone users are willing to take the initiative to be responsible in using their phones.

The use of cell phones has been proven to be a big distraction.

There are car accidents occurring everywhere due to the lack of concentration of drivers. According to Dr. Donald Redelmeir, ""¦.Driving with the use of a cell phone can be likened to driving with a blood alcohol level of about .10 percent. The chances of getting into a car accident while using a cellular phone is nearly equal to the chances of having and accident while slightly drunk."� The distractions caused by talking on the phone are resulting in more accidents as the amount of cell phones being used increases.

Have you ever thought that maybe distractions such as a cell phone have caused our society to think twice about the driving age of teenagers? Parents now think that it's better to buy cell phones for their new teen drivers for emergencies, but do you really think that they are used for...