Dangerous Activities people do while driving.

Essay by svenfs November 2003

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Have you ever noticed what some people do while they are behind the wheel? Shaving, putting make-up on, reading, and there are more; these are just a few that might have come to your attention. Many of these things are done by people who are in a hurry; usually those who are running late. We might find these actions to be quite hilarious when we see them, but in fact they can be quite dangerous and deadly. The top three most treacherous things that someone can do while driving is: talk on a cell phone, eat or drink, and sleep. All of these activities are not only unsafe to the people doing them, while driving; they are also putting everyone else on the road in harm's way. Most of these people probably do not even think about the issue of safety. They are too busy trying to do too many things at once, rather than drive.

First, we have people that like to talk on their cell phone while behind the wheel. This is mentally distracting to the driver causing them to be hazards on the road. The University of Reading did a study on how talking on a cell phone can affect your driving. They found that drivers that are preoccupied with a phone call are worse at judging safe stopping distances, anticipating hazards, and choosing when to turn into a line of traffic; than those without the disturbance. Drivers are more focused on the conversation than they are to traffic lights and signals that they should be obeying. Also, according to the New England Journal of Medicine it is four times more likely for these individuals on the road to cause an accident. . Imagine how this can affect the safety of you and your passengers. All cell...