D.H. Lawrence - "Tickete Please".

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D.H. Lawrence - Tickets, Please

In the beginning of the story a 'romantic' description is given of a journey by a tram-car in the Midlands of England. There was some kind of magical element in this first paragraph. I experienced it as if I was being taken through this journey myself. A journey which led me into the world of Annie, which I, in my experience, entered in the second paragraph.

This essay is my own journey. My journey through the story in which I try to explain the way I experienced the story by pointing out some things I noticed, things which I think are of significance, and aspects which made the story special to me.

One of the things I noted on the first page was the pattern of things being the same and the need for a change; for something new. In the first paragraph it are the villages which are the same and the want to be in the city soon; for a change.

( "away it starts once more on the adventure. Again there are the reckless swoops downhill, bouncing the loops: again the chilly wait in the hill-top market place again the breathless slithering round the precipitous drop under the church again the patient halts at the loops, waiting for the out coming car so on and on, for two long hours, till at last the city looms beyond the fat gas-works ")

In the third paragraph the need to escape from the pattern of usualness; the usual daily life, comes back in the sentence "from village to village the miners travel, for a change of cinema, of girl, of pub." It seems to be so that the tram is displayed as a way to escape from the usual boring things, to have...