This is a creative piece where I write as if I am James Wolfe and it is in relation to the Battle of Plains of Abrahams.

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Montcalm and Wolfe: Battle of Plains of Abraham

I always felt as though I knew my destiny at a young age, I had a clear vision for myself and fought to succeed at it. I am James Wolfe, a professional soldier. I was born at the vicarage in Westerham, Kent, on the second of January 1727. My father, Edward Wolfe, an army officer; and my mother, Henrietta, who raised us with loving arms. My destiny was to make a name for myself at Louisburg and Quebec. Both my grandfather and father were officers in the army, so being born into a military family; the military was in my heart.

The 18th century offered many opportunities for me, I was a youth who was willing and eager to lead. So eager, that at a young age of fourteen I was appointed second lieutenant in my father's regiment of Marines. In 1742 I had already began to serve against the French in the war of the Austrian Succession.

My first battle followed not long after on June 12th of 1743. This idea was becoming routine to my life, as more and more threats came along, I was encouraged to join in battle. I was present at the battle of Falkirk that occurred on January 17th 1746, and served as a last victory for the Highlanders. By the age of twenty-one I was much more experienced, and had gone through various critical parts in history. Through the years 1740 and 1748 I returned to finish the war, I was there during the battle of Val or Laffeldt. My efforts were put to good use, as on the 20th of March 1750, I was officially appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment. I ended up serving in Scotland and England until 1758.

It was...