How to create a paper airplane.

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Instructions for Making a Paper Airplane


1.One sheet of smooth, stiff paper. Use a standard sheet (8½ x 11 inches). Make sure it has 90° corners and straight edges.

2.A flat and smooth work surface.

It should be sturdy, and at least as big as the paper.


1.Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Crease the fold, then turn it inside out and crease again. (Open up the folded page and fold it along the same line in the opposite direction.) Make sure that the edges are aligned so that they meet when the paper is folded in half.

2.Fold down the top left corner so that the top edge meets the middle fold. Then, fold down the top right corner the same way. Make sure that the new folds squarely meet the middle crease.

3.Fold the point down. Step two formed a

"point" at the top of the page.

Fold this

point down (toward you) so that the flaps

formed in step two are on the inside of the

fold. Make the fold as high up on the page as

possible without folding or crushing the flaps

which are on the inside of this fold.

4.Fold in half lengthwise (along the first crease

from step 1) towards the back so that the

folded-down point is on the outside of the


5.Tear or cut a notch in the upper corners. If you have scissors available they will provide an easier and more attractive way to make the notches. Remove a square (about ½ inch) from the outer corners. Make sure you do not cut your notch along the center fold.

6.Open the fold from step four so that the point is again on top and pointed toward the bottom...