Conduit - Technology versus Communication

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It was good, took lots of research Good report

~sKePtic~ : hi green, wanna drink ~sKePtic~ : Hi visitor, want a drink?

Ann_Organa : skep, what are u the welcome party Ann_Organa : Skep, are you the welcoming party now (Laughs out loud)

~sKePtic~ : ...maybe...trying to entertain in more ways then one J ~sKePtic~ : (Grins) Maybe, I try to entertain in more ways than one (smiles)

neXus : You 2 married, cuz you sound like it...IMHO neXus : In my humble opinon, you sound like a married couple!

Ann_Organa : only in your dreams, skep...he-he Ann_Organa : Only in your dreams, Skep (laughs)

~sKePtic : L ~sKePtic~ : (Frowns, in disappointment)

neXus : BRB, email... neXus : Be right back, I have email to check.

neXus dropped. neXus has left the chat room

~sKePtic~ : Boring now.. : - / ~sKePtic~ : It seems boring now (has a wry facial expression)

Ann_Organa : one more drink for the night..

Ann_Organa : One more drink for the night, please.

~sKePtic~ : BEER.WAV sent > ~sKePtic~ : (a sound of beer being poured is heard) Smiles happily.

Ann_Organa : THX Ann_Organa : Thank you!

* * *

Old English? Nope. Shakespearean dialect? Not Exactly. Foreign language? Not really. Ebonics? Could be. English? Somewhat. What are the true meanings behind the symbols above? To many it is a form of communication, where symbols reflect expressions and spelling does not count. It is a dialect that continues to grow in the technological aspects of society developed and controlled by a machine we so commonly call 'the computer'. Has the way to communicate been degraded to the acronyms of the Internet? Or, is a new language gradually developing, one held true by a younger generation living by the standards of a machine? Language...