The concept of pride through the eyes of average adults.

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When I first think of a word, the word "pride" comes to mind. It is defined as a feeling of honor and self-respect; a sense of personal worth. As you might know or will learn in time, pride is a very powerful and dominating emotion that occurs over and over throughout the course of a lifetime. There are several characteristics of pride.

For one, I believe that pride plays a huge role in my life. For instance, if I have little to no pride and something bad happens, I would look at only the negatives in the situation and it would take me much longer to get over the issue that I was currently dealing with. Also, if I had to perform a task that involves trust, it would be much more difficult if I had little pride. This is true in the sense that if I have pride, I can believe in myself and if I don't have pride, my personal goals become nothing but an uphill climb.

If I have little pride in my work, it won't be good enough, or I would feel that it doesn't meet others standards. I think that we all have felt like a certain thing we have done doesn't meet others requirements, but when pride is as low as it can get, most everything seems like it doesn't live up to others expectations.

Secondly, pride can equal greater performances. If there is pride towards an issue, there will be greater efforts put forth to keep, improve or restore that same issue. For instance, if I have this new car that I have incredible pride in, I will drive carefully in my car, wash and wax my car, and park my car in a safe location. As a result, my car will...