Computers Related to Turf Grass Industries

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The field of turfgrass science, and golf course management has became very sophisticated in just the few short years that I have been involved. Much of the equipment has gone higher tech, as far as electric motors, and more computerized technology. Many golf course superintendents now are , 'online via the web'. If there is a question concerning a new disease or fertilizer one can log on to Texas A@M home page and hopefully find a solution to the problem. The technology in the computer field has also advanced the irrigation technology in the agriculture field. Irrigation systems can now be turned on with the touch of a button through IBM or MACINTOSH Personal computer. New computer technology will continue to make leaps and bounds for the turfgrass industry.

Ransome Industries, maker of fine turgrass mowing equipment, has come out with the first electric mowing machine. I myself am not in favor of this, or I would guess anyone in the petroleum industry is either for that matter.

There has been a greater demand for environmental concern along the nations coastlines, and nation wide. Most of the worlds great golf courses are located along the coasts. Ransome was banking on that an electric mowing machine would fit that need. It has been slow to catch on as of late. It's benefits are an almost quiet no noise machine. (Beard 302). Many country club members would become outraged when the superintendents would send out the greensmowers daily at 6:00 A.M. The diesel and gasoline powered engines are noisy, and would wake up many members that live along the golf course. The second benefit is no cost of gasoline or oil, and therefore no chance of a petroleum leak or spill. There downfall lies in there initial cost,'$15,000 for a gasoline triplex...