Computers and the Disabled

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The computer age has changed many things for many people, but

for the disabled the computer has ultimately changed their entire

life. Not only has it made life exceedingly easier for all disabled

age groups, it has also made them able to be more employable in the

work force. Previously unemployable people can now gain the self

esteem from fully supporting themselves. Computers have given them

the advantages of motion were it had not previously existed.

Disabled children now have the advantage to grow up knowing that

they can one day be a competent adult, that won't have to rely on

someone else for their every need. Windows 95 has made many

interesting developments toward making life easier for the nearly

blind and for the deaf, including on screen text to synthesize

speech or Braille, and adaptive hardware that transforms a

computers audible cues into a visual format. Computers have given

the limited back their freedom to be an active part of the human


According to the Americans with Disabilities Acts, any office

that has a staff of more than fifteen people now has to provide

adaptive hardware and software on their computers, so that workers

with disabilities can accomplish many tasks independently. Before

this Act was passed the disabled were normally passed over for jobs

because of their handicap, now however employers can be assured

that people with disabilities can work in the work place just like

people without disabilities. The self esteem disabled individuals

have gained from the experience to work and be self supporting, is


Computerized wheelchairs have given disabled people a whole new

perception on life. It has given them the mobility to go just about

anywhere they want to go. It has given them the ability to explore

an unknown world, and progress...