This is a comparison of Roman and American character. It was written for humanities class. It just discusses the two cultures' character and how they were similar and different.

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The Personality of Character

Roman and American character always makes a person wonder what his or her culture and values really are. Roman character and American character are based on many of the same morals and qualities, and both of the characters have weakened. Roman character is a reflection of their way of life, and it was very logical. American character is less logical, but it still keeps well-defined morals in mind. American and Roman character show many similarities and a few key differences.

Roman character is austere, stark, militaristic, honorable, loyal, and a reflection of the culture surrounding the Romans during this point in history. "Birth itself is an adventure in Rome." (Durant 56) They were not afraid to kill children who were disfigured or female, it was allowed by the government. Strong male children were important because they were able to carry on the family name, the would be able to work and help the family income level, and if the family practiced birth limitations then killing a female child would bring more hope of a male child.

Once a baby grew older, "the child found itself absorbed into the most basic and characteristic of Roman institutions-the patriarchal family."(Durant 57) The children found themselves under the thumb of their fathers, who controlled almost everything within the household. The father made the rules of the house, and the rules were made according to the character traits we recognize in the Romans of Ancient Rome. The priests governed the laws during those times, and eventually the Twelve Tables secularized the laws. "The magistrates administered a system of law based upon the Twelve Tables of the Decemvirs", (Durant) and the twelve tables outlined what was and wasn't acceptable under certain conditions. The twelve tables give an accurate description of what the...