Compare and Contrast Stanley from "A Street Car Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams , and Lago from "Othello"by Shakespeare

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Lago and Stanley are villains in Othello and A Street Car

Named Desire. They both plan a tragic scheme to draw the main

Characters, Othello and Blanche to their 'downfall' in their plays and they start it by their their hatred. Iago is absolutely inhuman being while Stanley showed his little conscience. They are both the master and are brilliant. Nevertheless Lago seem tp be much smarter than Stanley in comparsion.

Iago and Stanley plan a tragic scheme to draw Othello and Blanche to their downfall because Othello promotes Cassio to lieutenancy, a position that he wants and it causes him to plan a tragic plan. Othello has suppossed affair to Emilia who is Lago's wife. Thus, Lago constructs a plan to revenge. Stanley hates Branche because she destroys the good relationship between him and his wife , Stella. He thinks that she has sold the Belle Reve which he thinks it's a part of partly him, but she does not give him any money.

The most important one, he 'assume' that Blanche describes him as 'common' and bestial.

Thus, he plots a plan to revenge. In all, both Lago and Stanley start tragic plan their hatred.

Lago is absolutely inhuman while Stanley has little consciences in his heart. In order to achieve the target, Iago does everythings that will benefits himself even killing other's. He kills Roderigo who helps him a lot in his paln. He persuade Othello to kill his Desdemona. Furthermore he kills his wife at the end. Stanley has not yet totally lost his humanity. Although he has raped Branche, he does not kill her or other people. Moreover, at the end of the play he settles her into a asylum, but he does not just forsakes her. This reveals that someone will look after her...