Communism on a family level.

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Communism on a family level

Communism is when the entire wealth is evenly distributed.

In theory, communism should work, but only on a family level.

For example a boy (we will call Mike) lives with his parents as a family that we will call the Smith family, his parents give him what he needs. In return Mike helps around the house (washes the dishes, clean the car, take the rubbish out, walks the dog, etc), this is what he puts back into the family.

Now here is where it gets complicated, we introduce another family that we will call the Robinson family. Lets say that Mike Smith needs a new pair of trainers and Brian Robinson just bought a new pair of £100 trainers just because he liked them. Do you honestly think that Brian Robinson will give Mike Smith his new trainers because he needs them?

This is where the flaw comes into practice.

Would you give Mike your brand new trainers that you bought for £100 just yesterday? This is a serious problem for communism to work. Wherever there is someone that needs some thing, there is someone greedy enough to hold it back. I'm not saying that everyone is greedy but I really doubt that you would give up something you bought, without selling it.

We do this because our ancestors lived in a time when you had to look out for yourself above everyone else. They might get a big kill one day, give away some meat and the next week find that they needed that meat, because they cant find any food.

So in theory, communism is an ideal state but freewill makes it a troubled path to walk on an international level.

Communism on a family level

Communism is when the entire wealth...