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The colonies each differed in their own ways; however, they all faced many of the same hardships. Hardships such as: trouble with the Indians, England's varying control, and the wars they were each dragged through.

The problems with the Indians stemmed from the abuse of them by the original colonists and grew into a near never-ending battle. The Indians fought back as the English continued to push then off of their land. However, this was to no avail. As the Indians struggled for continued control of their ancestral lands the English attacked with deadly weapons and ferocious diseases. One commander of colonial armies infected blankets with the crippling disease smallpox, and distributed them among the Indians.

While this was all taking place, the mother country, England, was continuing to drag the colonies through a series of wars. Wars such as the French and Indian War also referred to as the Seven Years War, Queen Anne's War, King Williams War, and King George's War.

Almost all of these wars were wars of succession, and because the colonies were so separated from Europe, they felt very little zeal to inspire them to fight. However, one of the wars listed did hit close to home; The French and Indian War. It hit so close to home because it was the only of the wars to be fought on New World soil. The French and Indian War was a war of the English fighting against the French and the Indians for total control of North America. The cost of fighting each of these wars was great.

These wars put mother England and the crown into a very deep debt, and she saw no other was of repaying these war debts than to increase colonial taxes and also the amount of control the...