This is a commermorative speech to the aftermath of september 11 and how it has changed America.

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The Aftermath Of September 11th

The events of September eleventh have left many people emotionally/mentally damaged as well as many victims left physically damaged or dead. Since it was so sudden and unexpected, similarly to the Pearl Harbor attack, it could not be stopped. Many Americans risked there lives trying to save others; among them where firemen, police, and courageous innocents. The scars 911 has left are very deep and morose. My life and the lives of many others will be hurt for many generations.

My life has been changed tremendously and I always find my self asking, "Why would anyone want to kill innocent people?" Since I was not actually at the event, I have only been left emotionally scarred. I have great sorrow for all the innocent victim's families who have been left without a mother/father or husband/wife. On the other hand I am very proud of the people who fought the terrorist on the plane, crashing it on farmland and keeping even bigger unknown disaster from forming.

This shows great patriotism in showing the love for one's country. I can't imagine flying somewhere knowing my life would soon be over and there is nothing I could do to prevent this. Now the victims are in a better place where god obviously intended them to be: soon the victims will be joined by their friends and family in the near future. When first seeing the 911 terrorist attack on television I thought it was a hoaxes that someone made up and was playing repeatedly. After seeing a second plane hit later on, I knew it was real and my life would be forever changed.

There is hope for a stronger and better future. This terrible event has made us better individuals but at the same time more...